Guide: How to start mining on the ICE Network.

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"ICE" is a new type of digital currency that we can mine using our mobile devices. The ICE Network relies on its users as  they control governance as well as the total supply of the network. To be part of the network and start mining ICE, you need an invitation from someone who is already a miner. Once you join, you can start earning Ice and create your own small community pools who share similar interests or goals.

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Anyone from any part of the world, as long as they have an Android or iOS device and an invite can use the ICE app. When you sign up, you will need to go through a verification process called KYC, which stands for "Know Your Customer." This means you need to provide a photo/video ID along with social ID. After competition of KYC#1 AND KYC#2, you will be eligible to receive your unstaked mint tokens in your BEP-20 address wallet monthly.

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How to start mining on the ICE:

To earn ICE, you need to tap the mine button and follow on your phone. Check-in once every 24 hours. This starts your daily mining session. If you mine with your friends, it can make you and your team earn ICE faster. So, working together with your friends boosts how much you can earn each day.

When you and a friend both tap the Ice button to check in at the same time, you both get a 25% bonus on how much Ice you're earning.

Now, the normal rate at which you earn Ice starts at 16 Ice per hour. But, when a certain milestone is reached, this rate gets cut in half. This event is called a "halving event," and it happens when you and your friends have mined a certain amount of Ice. So, the initial rate decreases after reaching that milestone.

The amount of Ice you earn every hour depends on a few things. If you've invited friends and they're mining at the same time as you, or if you've earned any extra bonuses, all these factors add up.

You can keep track of how much Ice you're earning by checking the home screen of the app. It shows you your earnings calculated every hour based on your activity and the bonuses you've gathered.

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How to invite people:

After you sign up on Ice, you'll get a special code. You can use this code to invite a person right from the app. On the team screen, you can connect your phone contacts. This helps you see who's already using Ice and who you can invite. You can also organize your friends into different groups, like Tier 1 and Tier 2 micro-communities, to manage them more easily.

How many ICE will I earn every hour:

Your earnings in ICE are determined by your consistent check-ins, pre-stake bonus, daily bonus and size of your miner pool (how many friends you're mining with). You can see your hourly earnings on the home screen of the app.

But if you want to make an estimate of your potential earnings, you can check the Profile screen. There, you'll find a tool called the Mining Calculator. This helps you get an idea of how much ICE you might earn based on your activity, miner pool size and any bonuses you've collected. It's a way to plan and understand your potential earnings.

When you mine ICE, you don't need to keep the app open all the time. It doesn't use your phone's power, data, or battery, so it won't slow down your device.

Just open the app once a day, tap to check in, and that's it. You'll start a new mining session without any hassle. To make sure you never miss a check-in and break your streak, there's a feature called "Tap in Advance." This helps you keep your consecutive check-in sessions going smoothly. It's like a little helper to make sure you don't lose out on any rewards.

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