Chainlink's Impressive Surge: Can It Sustain the Momentum and reach $20?

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With a rising focus on the Real World Asset sector contributing to the upward momentum in LINK Coin's price, the big question here is: How much longer will this significant double-digit increase in price continue?

As of now, the price of Chainlink is $18.01 USD, and in the last 24 hours, people have traded Chainlink coins for a total value of $1,523,644,681 USD. Chainlink has gone up by 14.69% in this time. It's total market value is $10,230,723,234 USD. There are 568,099,970 Chainlink coins available for trading, and the maximum number that will ever exist is 1,000,000,000 LINK coins.

In the past 24 hours, people have traded Chainlink (LINK) coins for a total value of $1,812,558,435. This is a 108.50% increase compared to the trading activity from the day before, indicating a recent boost in market activity.

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Is a $20 Target Achievable for LINK Price?

The MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) is like a graph that helps us see if people are buying or selling a certain thing (like a stock or cryptocurrency). When the bars on the graph are going up and are green, it means more people are buying, and this is a sign that the price might keep going up in the future. Also, when we look at the averages (another type of number that shows the average price), if they are going up quickly, it's another sign that the price will probably keep going up soon.

If the price of Chainlink stays higher than $17.977, the buyers (bulls) will feel more confident and try to push the price up to $18.746. If they can keep the price around that level, it might give Chainlink a chance to try going even higher, aiming for $20 by the end of this month.

On the flip side, if the trend changes and the LINK price starts going down, it might lose speed and drop to around $16.477 this week. And if the sellers (bears) keep controlling the market, the price could fall even more, possibly testing a lower support level of $15.411 in the next few days.

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