WEN Coin Analysis, Price, Market-cap and Future Predictions

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$WEN is a type of cryptocurrency called a memecoin. It's not just any memecoin, though – it also acts as the governance token for WEN DAO. WEN DAO is like a decentralized organization created by WenMint, a significant player in the world of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on the Ethereum blockchain. The name "Wen" is a nod to a popular meme in the Web 3 space, which is all about the decentralized and more interactive internet.

WenMint has been busy over the last two years, launching more than 200 NFT projects. They've built a large community of over 50,000 people who own these special NFTs.

Now, $WEN isn't just about being a memecoin or a token for transactions. It's also designed to play a role in governing or making decisions for WEN DAO. This means that people who hold $WEN tokens may have a say in the decisions and activities of the decentralized organization.

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The trading volume of Wen ($WEN) in the last 24 hours is $33,779,401. This means that during the past day, people have bought and sold $WEN tokens, and the total value of these transactions is $33,779,401.

The percentage increase, which is 1,629,607.70%, indicates how much more trading activity there has been compared to the day before. It's a huge increase and suggests that there has been a significant spike in the buying and selling of $WEN tokens recently.

In simpler terms, the big percentage increase shows that a lot more people have been actively trading $WEN in the last 24 hours, indicating a sudden surge in market activity.

The highest price ever paid for Wen ($WEN) was $0.0001378, and this happened today that is January 27, 2024. Right now, the current price of $WEN is 3.82% lower than this highest recorded price.

On the other hand, the lowest price ever paid for $WEN was $0.0000156, and this occurred on January 26, 2024. Currently, the current price is 749.58% higher than this lowest recorded price.

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The market capitalization (market cap) of Wen ($WEN) is like the total value of all the tokens of Wen that are currently available for trading in the market. It's calculated by multiplying the price of each $WEN token by the total number of tokens that people can buy and sell.

In this case, the market cap of Wen is $133,448,806, and it's ranked as the 303rd cryptocurrency on CoinGecko, which is a platform that tracks information about various cryptocurrencies.

The total supply of $WEN tokens that are available for trading is 1 trillion. So, to find the market cap, you multiply the price of one $WEN token by the total number of tokens (1 trillion). This gives you the overall value of all the $WEN tokens in the market.

The fully diluted valuation (FDV) of Wen ($WEN) is like an estimate of the highest possible value the cryptocurrency could reach in the future. It assumes that all 1 trillion $WEN tokens (the maximum number that can ever be available) are in circulation right now.

So, if every single $WEN token were already being traded, the fully diluted valuation would be $133,448,806.

The actual value of $WEN will depend on how many tokens are currently in circulation and being traded. The fully diluted valuation gives us an idea of the maximum potential value, but it might take a long time before all the tokens are actually in circulation, depending on how the creators of $WEN release new tokens over the years.

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Future Predictions:

Based on a detailed analysis of past price data for Wen, the predictions for 2024 suggest the following:

The minimum expected price for Wen in 2024 is $0.000187. This means that, according to the analysis, the price is not expected to drop below this level.

The maximum predicted price for Wen in 2024 is $0.000228. This is the highest price that is anticipated based on the analysis.

On average, the trading price of Wen in 2024 is expected to be around $0.000194. This is the middle point between the minimum and maximum predicted prices.

In simpler terms, the analysis suggests that in 2024, Wen's price may fluctuate between $0.000187 and $0.000228, with an average trading price around $0.000194.

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