Sleepless AI (AI) Analysis | Tokenomics and Future Prediction

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Sleepless AI is a decentralised companion game platform that's doing something really cool and different. They claim their main games, HIM and HER, are a big deal because they're changing how we experience games.

In these games, we're not just playing with characters on the screen; we are interacting with a virtual character. The special part is that the AI in the game makes the characters act like real people. They talk to us in a smart way, their personalities change based on how we play, and we get to have interesting conversations with them.

When people are alone and looking for support, friendship, or love, they often face challenges in real-life relationships. Sleepless AI wants to help with that. They are working on creating a special kind of computer program called an AI virtual companion. This virtual friend is smart and understands the details about the person using it.

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The project has collected $3.7 million from three private sales of its tokens. In these sales, they sold 7.6% of all the AI tokens that will ever exist. Currently, the project is valued at $200 million.

The current price of 1 unit of AI is $0.0012. In the last 24 hours, the price has changed a lot – it went up or down by 99.38%. This means the value of AI has experienced significant fluctuations recently. Right now, there are 1 billion AI tokens in existence. Out of these, 130 million tokens, which is 13% of the total, are currently available for people to buy and sell. This availability happened when the tokens were first listed for trading. So, not all the tokens are circulating; only a portion of them is actively moving in the market. This means only a small portion of all the tokens is actively available for buying and selling.

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Future Prediction:

Right now, we do not have information about the current price of Sleepless AI, so we cannot make predictions about how its price will change. However, as the project grows and becomes more popular, the price of Sleepless AI could go up. This is because more people might be interested in it, and that increased interest can lead to a higher value for Sleepless AI.

Sleepless AI, introduces HIM and HER, games that redefine the gaming experience by allowing players to interact with virtual companions that evolve like real people. Addressing the challenges of real-life relationships, Sleepless AI aims to provide support through AI virtual companions. The project has raised $3.7 million in private token sales, selling 7.6% of AI tokens, and is currently valued at $200 million. With a current token price of $0.0012, the market has seen significant fluctuations. As the project gains traction, the price could potentially increase.

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