NFPrompt (NFP) Coin Analytics, Price, Marketcap and Future Predictions

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Non-Fungible Prompt is like an online space where artists can turn their creative ideas into unique digital assets called NFTs. These NFTs are special because they are created with the help of artificial intelligence and are recorded on a secure and unchangeable digital ledger called a blockchain. This means that once an artist mints (creates) their NFT, it is verified and stored in a way that everyone can trust its authenticity and uniqueness. In other words, It is a platform that turns artists' imaginative works into special digital items that are protected and proven to be one-of-a-kind.

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The price of one NFPROMPT (NFP) coin is currently about $0.0285944. This means if you want to buy just one NFPROMPT coin, it would cost you around 2.86 cents in US dollars. It's the amount you would need to pay to own one unit of the NFP cryptocurrency at the present moment.


The NFPROMPT (NFP) Market Cap, which is $86,016,747.24, represents the total value of all NFPROMPT tokens currently in existence. It's like adding up the value of all the individual tokens that people own. This number is calculated by multiplying the current price of one NFPROMPT token by the total number of tokens available. So, in simple terms, it's an estimate of the overall worth of NFPROMPT in the market at a specific point in time.

Road Map:

NFP Creator Foundation: These foundation will use funds to buy NFTs that our community loves.

Partnerships: They will be teaming up with businesses, especially popular AI companies, and working closely with famous retail and cultural brands on the regular internet (web2).

Advanced AI Tools: They are developing more and better tools for skilled users who want to make unique art. These tools will be available as services that users can pay for.

Official NFT Collection: They will be launching a special collection of NFTs that come with extra privileges on our platform. It's like an exclusive club for NFT owners who want some extra benefits.

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