$WIF Coin Analysis, Price, Market-cap and Future Predictions.

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Dogwifhat (WIF) is a cryptocurrency that works on a system called Ethereum. It is part of a group of new internet money based on funny pictures and jokes, which have become popular online.

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Today, 29th February 2024, the price of $WIF is worth $0.818296 in US dollars. Over the last day, the total value of $WIF coins traded was $276,445,013 USD. $WIF's value has gone up by 29.08% in the past 24 hours, which means its price has increased. In the big picture of all cryptocurrencies, $WIF ranks at number #104 based on its market value, which is currently $817,412,336 USD. There are 998,920,173 WIF coins available to buy and sell right now, and we don't know the maximum number that will ever exist.

The highest price ever paid for dogwifhat (WIF) was $0.8853, which happened on Feb 29, 2024, about 7 hours ago. Right now, the price is 7.92% lower than that highest price.

The lowest price ever paid for dogwifhat (WIF) was $0.001555, which was back on Dec 13, 2023, about 3 months ago. Currently, the price is much higher, about 41,056.13% higher than that lowest price.

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Future Predictions:

The experts think that the price of dogwifhat (WIF) will stay between $0.556038 and $0.775754. If it goes up to the highest expected price of $0.775754, it would increase by 21.52% from its current value.

According to various measures that look at numbers and trends, the prediction for Dogwifhat in 2024 is positive. This suggests that buying Dogwifhat could be a good idea in 2024.

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