Ronin (RON) Coin Analysis, Price, Market-cap and Future Predictions

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Ronin is like a special type of digital playground designed just for video games. It was made by the same folks who created Axie Infinity, a really popular online game that made more than $1.3 billion in revenue. Ronin is like the behind-the-scenes technology that helps games handle lots of players and transactions smoothly. It's been proven to handle over $4 billion in buying and selling of digital items called NFTs.

The team that made Ronin is called Sky Mavis, and they've got some big supporters like Accel, a16z, Binance Labs, Mark Cuban, and more.

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Today,13th March 2024, Ronin (RON) is priced at ~$4.32 USD and it has been trading with a total value of $99,897,424 USD in the last 24 hours. In the last 24 hours, the price of Arbitrum (ARB) has gone up by 12.37 %. Ronin is ranked 91st among all cryptocurrencies, with a market cap (the total value of all Ronin coins in circulation) of $1,302,773,399 USD. There are currently 301,303,923 RON coins in circulation, and we don't know the maximum supply.

The highest price ever for Ronin (RON) was $4.45, which happened on March 13th, 2024. 

On the flip side, the lowest price for Ronin was $0.1966, around a year ago on November 21, 2022. 

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The market capitalization of Ronin (RON) is like the total value of all Ronin coins currently in circulation. To figure it out, you just multiply the price of one Ronin token by the total number of Ronin tokens out there. So, if the price is $2.84 per Ronin, and there are 293,226,714 Ronin coins circulating, the total market cap is $832,250,244. It's a way to see how much the whole Ronin market is worth at the moment.

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Future Predictions:

According to our study, we think that in 2024, the price of Ronin (RON) could be somewhere between $1.62 and $2.44. If you average those two numbers, you get about $2.03. So, we're estimating that, on average, the price for Ronin might be around $2.03 in the year 2024 based on our analysis. Keep in mind, though, this is just our best guess, and actual prices can vary.

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