"$SHIB Price 1 cent ($0.01) is technically possible by 2030", Experts explain how

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Let's begin this prediction with a quick math.

The current Circulating Supply of $Shib token is 589,289,410,812,691 SHIB coins. In order to reach a price of $0.01 with this supply, the market cap of the coin has to reach $23,653,954,609 USD which is an approx. 39.89% rise from the current market cap of Shib.

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From this, though the target of 1 cent ($0.01) indeed seems quite a dream target to achieve, however the crypto analyst Gogoi believes that the target of 1 cent ($0.01) is technically achievable by 2030

The total market cap of all cryptocurrencies including altcoins & fiat at the time of writing this article (5 March, 2024) is approximately $23,653,954,609 USD (a +39% increase in October). Not-to-forget $Shib coin has bagged a +200,000% ROI since Nov 2020 till 1 Nov 2021 and according to crypto experts, the coin has a potential to reach a value of $0.01. Here is how...

$0.01 is indeed achievable by 2030.

As mentioned earlier in this article, the total market cap of the entire crypto-market is $1.3 Trillion today which is approx 1.5% of the total world GDP today. However, if we take a look back at the figures:

Global Cryptocurrency Market Charts - CoinMarketCap - Bombolo News and Media

-- In 2019, the overall crypto market-cap was $135M (0.05% of the world GDP in 2019) 

-- In 2020, the overall crypto market-cap was $500M (1.1% of the world GDP in 2020).

-- In 2021, the overall crypto market-cap was at $2.8T (2.2% of the world GDP today). 

-- The year of 2021 was only the beginning of the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies in the world. By year 2030, decentralized institutions is predicted to take over the prevailing global monetary, financial & banking system.

Crypto Analyst, Gogoi predicts the overall crypto-marketcap to stabilize around $6 Trillion by 2025 (roughly 5-7% of world GDP in 2025) and $18T (7-10% of World GDP) by 2030; He also predicts $SHIB among the top 10 coins by 2030 with a projected marketcap of $2-4 Trillion out of the total predicted crypto marketcap of $18Trillion in 2030.

Now, $23,653,954,609 USD of SHIB with a 589,289,410,812,691 supply can bring the shib prices between 0.0045 and $0.008. But what we have not yet considered here is the burn potential of SHIB tokenomics.

As per the reports from the SHIB developers, the SHIBOSHIS NFTs, metaverse, Shibswap 2.0, Shib eternity (game) and the growing utilization of SHIB's native L2 blockchain - Shibarium bring a massive burn potential of approximately 30% tokens by 2030 (*burn implies removal of  tokens from the remaining circulation with growing utilization of the ecosystem as laid in the coin/ecosystem's tokenomics.)

This burn tokenomics of potentially removing 30% of the remaining tokens from circulation is simply enough to boost the SHIB prices from $0.008 to above 1 cent ($0.001) by 2030.

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The Future of SHIB Token

The crypto market trend looks promising shows signs of massive price surge with it's list of events laid down in the roadmap scheduled for the year!

The $Shib community is eagerly waiting for events which is expected to come just around the months as $Shib volunteer Shytoshi Kusama's recent tweets assure good news for the #shib community and that he was working on finalizing the same.

Know What Experts & Analytics Believe

Analysts approve the SHIB ecosystem as a sure-shot for long term investors.

There are many upcoming events, utility and projects in the $Shib ecosystem. Unlike $Dogecoin (a meme-based coin), $Shib ecosystem is a now an established decentralized ecosystem with payments utility, transactional burn and deflationary tokenomics which has the potential to keep the demand and marketcap up. The concept of decentralization is new, however the topic has recently gained quite a surge in interest among the general mass

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