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$SHIB is the primary token of the $SHIB ecosystem, alongside the bone and leash tokens.

The $SHIB price is currently hovering around $1000. As per $SHIB analytics, the price of $SHIB is already near it's lowest probable price of $970. Experts believe with the current demand and much awaited Shibarium L2 blockchain and Global $SHIB game launch (Shiba Eternity, now launched in Australia), we might already be looking at the lowest price at this point of time.

Experts believe the history will repeat and $SHIB once again will lead the next Crypto Bull-run like it did in October 2021.

The $SHIB coin has immense potential and with its growing global adoption, it is very capable of leading the global crypto bull-run again with a potential to boom upto +800% by the year end.

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