Is $SHIB=$1 a myth? Will it ever reach the Price Tag of $1 or even 1 cent?

It will need a miracle. Let me Explain why!

First, let's be INSANELY positive and say the $SHIB market cap goes to $20T [20000 Billion] in 10 Years. [A Highly Hypothetical Figure].

The current $SHIB m-cap is: $6B

The Global Cryptocurrency market cap is 0.92T.

So, though it is likely for the Global crypto mcap to reach $20T in 10 years, it is highly hypothetical for $SHIB to reach a Market cap of $20T in 10 years; but as we are highly positive about it, lets say it does reach a m-cap of $20T in 10 years.


To get to a price of $1 per SHIB token with a m-cap of $20T, the circulating number of SHIB tokens has to be 20T tokens. Which, in turn, means 520 Trillion tokens has to be burned or removed from the current circulation figures.

Today, lets assume, we are burning 150 Million tokens EVERYDAY [A highly assumed figure, way above the current EVERYDAY burn rate]. Okay! since we are highly positive, let's assume we are burning 10 times more than today's rate or FOR GODs SAKE lets say we are burning 100 times more EVERYDAY than the current rate i.e Suppose we burning 10 Billion tokens EVERYDAY WOW. So at this rate, we will need 520Trillion token/10Billion token=52000days=142 Years with a HIGHLY INSANELY POSITIVE HYPOTHETICAL FIGURE to bring the Circulation to 20T tokens

SHIB top developer Shytoshi claims to burn 5% of revenue collected from the SHIB Eternity game. Assuming the game collects $100000 every month [i.e the card game is interesting enough for people to invest money], Shytoshi will burn tokens worth $5000 every month i.e ~$150 worth tokens everyday. 

Summary: $SHIB is token with high potential but to see the price go $1 in our lifetime needs a Miracle. Crypto investors must not get attached to a specific coin emotionally. Afterall, gain or lose it's your money in stake. Never Forget to Buy Low and Sell High, else later you will only repent for what you should have done earlier.

Crypto investments are different from other market investment with the fact that price only rises when majority invests and price drops when majority sells. Burn mechanism will be gradual over the years.

Disclaimer: Any information furnished here is not a financial or investment advice. Investments are subject to market risks and any investor must DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before making any investment.