How high can $SHIB prices go in 2023? Expert analysis

The $SHIB price is stalling around 1300s from the past few months leaved several Holders (HODLers) are worried if there will be another surge in the market value of the crypto coins.

Photo by Quantitatives on Unsplash

Crypto experts believe the stalling of the market is temporary but it might last a few week. It's because of the prevailing fear among the investors after the coin lost almost 75-80% of it's value leaving a segment of late investors into heavy loses. However early investors though not at such a loss, they too have faced quite a shock after looking at their investments grew by 800% to billion dollars only to lose value to couple thousand dollars in the next prevailing months.

Though the crypto market is now at a over-sold condition yet it struggles to rise in value. Because of this fear of losing money in the long term, people are now preferring to sell at low profits. This is why every minor surge now is followed by a bear market caused by fearful investors. However this fear is to be short-lived and the market will result in a stable price for a while (the current phase) before the next surge begins.

Fear market helps Whales (Big Lumpsum investors) to buy in bulk at a lower price. Market trends show clear signs of whales re-investing into $SHIB while fearful investors making the sales maintaining the price at stable levels. Due to this, the lumpsum investors are able to buy and stash more coins at a cheaper rate and wait for the fear market to end. As the saying goes "It is the Dips that makes the billionaires"

"When prices are up, people wish the prices go down so they can buy bulk at lower price. And when prices go down they fear. There are sharp distinctions between stock investments and crypto market investments which new investors always tend to oversee.", experts claim.

Experts believe the fear market to last a few more weeks and by mid September 2022 when it's gone and all the sold assets are reinvested into the coins, it is then the market will enter into another massive bull run.

With the launch of L2 chain (Shibarium) for the SHIB ecosystem happening later this year, $SHIB is expected to lead the crypto market trend once again with a potential to boom upto +800% by year end.

Disclaimer: Any information furnished here is not a financial or investment advice. Investments are subject to market risks and investor must DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before making any investment.