Pi Coin Analysis, Price, Market-cap and Future Predictions.

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Pi Network, the organization behind Pi cryptocurrency, is currently running its Mainnet, which means it's in a testing phase where they're fine-tuning the network. During this time, Pi is not approved by Pi Network for trading on any exchange. Some people might claim to sell Pi on exchanges, but these transactions are not authorized by Pi Network. They're warning users not to get involved with these unauthorized exchanges or third parties, as it could lead to losses or harm. Pi Network is working to remove these unauthorized listings and take action against the third parties involved. It's important to note that trading Pi on exchanges during this Mainnet period is against Pi's rules.

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Today, 14th February 2024, the price of Pi is $30.26 in US dollars. Over the last day, people have traded about $225,723 worth of Pi. The price of Pi has dropped by 5.46% during this time.

Pi's price is currently 11.51% lower than its highest price in the past week, which was $34.17. It's also 0.54% higher than its lowest price in the past week, which was $30.08. This tells us how much the price has changed compared to the highest and lowest points it reached in the last seven days.

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The market capitalization of Pi Network, which is $2.06 billion, is the total value of all the Pi cryptocurrency coins that exist. It's calculated by multiplying the current price of one Pi coin by the total number of Pi coins in circulation. This gives us an idea of how much the entire Pi Network is worth in the cryptocurrency market.

Future Predictions:

Experts predict that Pi Network's price could fluctuate between $29.16 and $132.86. If it reaches the higher end of this range at $132.86, it would be a significant increase of 339.27% from its current price.

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