Zilliqa (ZIL) coin Analysis, Price, Market-cap and Future Predictions

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Zilliqa is like a digital platform that allows people to do things like transferring money and running computer programs, but it does so in a way that's faster and can handle a lot more actions at the same time compared to some other systems.

To make this possible, Zilliqa uses a technique called sharding, which is like breaking up a big task into smaller parts to get it done more quickly. This helps Zilliqa process thousands of actions in just one second!

People can build different applications on Zilliqa, kind of like creating and using apps on a smartphone. And starting from October 2020, people can also stake their tokens (a type of digital currency) on Zilliqa to earn rewards.

The development of Zilliqa started in June 2017, and after some testing, it officially launched in June 2019. The Zilliqa platform has its own digital currency called ZIL, and this is used to make transactions happen and to run smart contracts, which are like self-executing agreements written in code.

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Today, 3th January 2024, the price of one Zilliqa token (ZIL) is about $0.027. In the last 24 hours, the total value of ZIL tokens traded was around $46 million. The price has gone up by about 3.30% in the last day, but it has slightly decreased by 0.20% in the past week.

Market-cap :

Zilliqa has about 18 billion tokens available, and when you multiply the number of tokens by the current price, you get its market capitalization, which is around $468 million. This value helps us understand how big or valuable Zilliqa is compared to other cryptocurrencies. Currently, Zilliqa is ranked #136 among various cryptocurrencies on CoinGecko.

In the past 24 hours, people traded ZIL tokens worth about $34 million. This is a big increase of 97.70% compared to the day before, showing that there has been a recent surge in activity in the market. Essentially, more people are buying and selling ZIL tokens, indicating increased interest or movement in the Zilliqa market.

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Future Predictions:

Experts are optimistic about the future of Zilliqa. They expect the value of ZIL to go up, and this positive trend is predicted to continue in 2024.

Maximum Price: The highest price Zilliqa might reach in 2024 is predicted to be around $0.0859. This is the most optimistic scenario where the value could go higher.

Minimum Price: Even in less favorable situations, the analysts believe that the price of Zilliqa in 2024 shouldn't drop below $0.0778. This is considered the lowest point it might reach.

Average Price: On average, the predicted trading price for Zilliqa in 2024 is around $0.0729. This is the middle point between the minimum and maximum values, representing a general estimate of where the price might hover around during the year.

So, in simpler terms, experts are optimistic about Zilliqa's future in 2024, expecting a bullish trend. They predict that ZIL could reach a maximum of $0.0859, a minimum of $0.0778, with an average trading price of around $0.0729. These are projections based on the introduction of more Zilliqa-related financial services and increased global adoption.

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