Trias Token Analysis, Price, Market-cap and Future Predictions

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Trias is not just a technology but a whole system that includes a way to develop applications and a community of people working together. It does this by creating a special layer, often referred to as the '-1 layer,' in blockchain and decentralized cloud computing. This layer uses something called the HCGraph algorithm to make sure that different parts of the system regularly check and confirm each other, creating a network of trust.

The main goal of Trias is to build a dependable computing infrastructure where machines always behave as expected.

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Today, 19th February 2024, the price of Trias Token (New) is $17.01 USD. This value is constantly changing and is based on recent trading activity. In the last 24 hours, the price of Trias Token has decreased by 7.98%. Trias Token (New) is currently ranked as the 291th cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap, which is a platform that tracks various cryptocurrencies.

The highest price ever reached by TriasLab (TRIAS) was $31.70, and this happened on May 09, 2021. It's been more than 2 years since that highest point.

Now, if we compare that highest price to the current price, the current price is 57.20% lower than the all-time high. In other words, the value of TriasLab has decreased by 57.20% from its highest point back in May 2021.

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Market-cap :

The total value of all Trias Tokens in circulation is $164,806,814 USD. This is known as the market cap. There are currently 9,704,042 TRIAS coins in circulation, but the maximum supply of Trias Tokens that can ever exist is not specified.

Future Predictions:

There's a positive outlook for the future value of Trias Token (New). Some experts and business analysts are predicting that the price of Trias Token could potentially go up significantly. In fact, they suggest that by the year 2030, Trias Token might reach a highest price of $719.67.

Based on predictions and technical analysis for Trias Token (New) in the year 2024:

Average Price: The average or middle point of the expected prices is forecasted to be around $20.80. This means, on average, Trias Token might be valued at $20.80.

Minimum Price: The lowest anticipated price by the end of the year is predicted to be $20.06. This is the lowest value that experts expect Trias Token to reach in 2024.

Maximum Price: On the more positive side, the highest anticipated price is forecasted to be $24.48. So, in an optimistic scenario, Trias Token could reach as high as $24.48.

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