ICE Phase-1 Rewards distribution successful. Launch day price at $0.01 (1cent) per token!

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ICE Network is a budding new cryptocurrency introduced on April 2023 that users can mine using any mobile device. Since its introduction to the world, ICE network has seen a growing user-base with currently 2.2M daily users worldwide. ICE Network is built on the idea of creating a reliable community and to be part of the ICE Network (snowman), you need an invitation. Once you're in and completed your KYC, you can start earning mining rewards hourly and form your own small communities.

Recently after the first Phase-1 ICE rewards distribution on 17 January 2024, early miners were reported to have experienced significant wealth growth by selling their accumulated ICE tokens. Two days after the rewards distribution, ICE made debut entry into the crypto market on OKX and gate-io exchanges. With a launching day price between 0.01 to 0.02 the ICE miners are happy with their tokens accumulated by mining ICE in the ICE app. ICE was launched into BNB Chain on 17 January 2024 and rewards distribution of accumulated tokens will continue until the project migrates to its own blockchain which is scheduled for later this year (tentatively October 2024).

However, ICE is still in the invite-only mode for any user to start mining. Join ICE Network Today!

­čîÉOfficial Invitations: (open till 3 Feb 2024)

Invite 1 | Invite 2 | Invite 3

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Requirements for receiving monthly ICE distribution rewards :

Minimum Balance: You need to have at least 1,000 ICE tokens in your account.

KYC Verification: You must complete two steps of verification known as KYC Step #1 and KYC Step #2.

BNB Smart Chain Address: Make sure you have set a BNB Smart Chain (BSC) address in your account. This is the address where your ICE token will be sent.

Active Mining Session: You should be actively participating in a mining session to be eligible for the coin distribution.

Distributable Tokens: The distribution of ICE token will be for those that haven't been pre-staked and for those acquired through referrals who also meet the specified criteria.

Monthly Distribution: ICE tokens will be distributed on a monthly basis using the BNB Smart Chain until the mainnet launch.

It's highly recommended that you connect your BNB Smart Chain address from the OKX Exchange to your personal accounts. This helps make transactions smooth and prevents you from incurring extra fees for gas (transaction processing fees).

About OKX: OKX is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange known for being very secure, easy to use, and offering a wide variety of cryptocurrency pairs for trading.

Partnering with OKX is good for Ice coin because it gives Ice coin more visibility and makes it easier for people to buy and sell. This collaboration adds to the popularity and availability of Ice coin in the market.

Trade ICE on OKX

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