Verasity ( $VRA) Coin Analysis, Price, Market-cap and Future Predictions.

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Verasity is like a big system that helps make online videos better for everyone involved. Here's how it works:

Fighting Fraud: It stops cheaters from tricking advertisers, so the ads you see are real and honest.

Open Access: It makes it easy for people who make videos and those who want to advertise in them to connect and work together.

Rewards for Watching: You get rewarded for watching videos, kind of like getting points or prizes for doing something you enjoy.

Payment Solutions: It helps handle money transactions smoothly, so creators and advertisers can easily pay and get paid.

Staking Ecosystem: It offers a way for people to invest their money and get guaranteed returns, like planting seeds and knowing you'll get a certain amount of crops back.

Powered by Tech: Verasity uses smart computer programs and special internet technology to make everything run smoothly and securely.

VeraViews: This part helps advertisers know how many people are watching their ads and how effective they are.

VeraWallet, VeraCard, and VeraPay: These are tools to help people manage their money and make payments online easily.

Rewarded Video: This is a special feature that makes watching videos more fun by giving you bonuses or prizes for doing it.

In short, Verasity makes online video watching better by making sure ads are real, creators and advertisers can easily connect, viewers get rewarded for watching, and money transactions are smooth and secure.

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Today, 29th February 2024, the price of Verasity ($VRA) Coin is $0.009632 USD. In the past 24 hours, there has been $50,148,704 USD worth of $VRA Coin traded. This means that the value of $VRA Coin has increased by 20.79% over the past day. Currently,$VRA Coin is ranked #432 among all cryptocurrencies, with a total market value of $97,749,795 USD. There are 10,249,906,818 VRA coins in circulation, out of a maximum supply of 100,249,906,818 VRA coins.

The highest price ever paid for Verasity (VRA) was about 8.6 cents per coin, back in November 2021. That's the most someone was willing to pay for it. But right now, the price is much lower – about 90.69% lower than that all-time high.

On the other hand, the lowest price ever paid for VRA was about 0.2 cents per coin, which happened in February 2021. So, it was really cheap at that time. But currently, the price is much higher – about 302.47% higher than that lowest point.

In simple terms, it means that while VRA has experienced big swings in its price, it's currently not as high as its peak but much higher than its lowest point.

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Future Predictions:

The forecast for Verasity says it could trade between $0.008185 and $0.018311. If it goes up to the higher end of that range, which is $0.018311, it would be an increase of about 125.95%. So, it would go up by quite a bit and reach that higher price of $0.018311.

The forecast for Verasity in 2024 looks positive, according to various technical indicators. This means that experts who analyze the numbers think Verasity's price might go up. So, if you're thinking about buying Verasity in 2024, this forecast suggests it could be a good time to do so.

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