Portal Trading Surges Prior to Ethereum Gaming Token Release

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The price of a gaming token called Portal (PORTAL) has been going up recently before it gets listed on Binance. This shows that a lot of people are excited about its launch.

Before it even gets listed on Binance, people are already trading PORTAL on a market called Whales Market. Since last week, they've traded over $5.3 million worth of PORTAL. Right now, each PORTAL token is being sold for $2.85, but it was lower before, around $2.00 per token last Friday. So, the price is gradually going up, and it's getting people more interested in buying it.

The estimated value of all the Portal tokens (PORTAL) combined, if each token is selling for $2.85, would be about $476 million. This is based on there being 167.1 million PORTAL tokens available for trading.

With this estimated value, Portal would rank among the top 200 cryptocurrencies by market value. It would be higher in value compared to another new token called PIXEL, which is used in a game called Pixels and currently has a market value of nearly $426 million.

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Before Portal gets listed on Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange is running a campaign called Launchpool. In this campaign, people can stake their Binance Coin (BNB) or the FDUSD stablecoin into pools. By doing this, they can earn a share of the rewards from staking Portal tokens. Binance is offering a total of 50 million Portal tokens as rewards through this promotion.

The Launchpool campaign for Portal has been a huge success. People have already staked more than $8.6 billion worth of cryptocurrency, which is a record for Binance's rewards program. And now, with crypto prices going up recently, that number has climbed even higher to $8.8 billion.

Portal is a gaming platform that connects different crypto games together. It uses one token that works across all these games, making it easier for players. You only need one account to play different games, and managing your in-game assets is simpler too. Portal will work with networks like Solana and Polygon to make this happen.

The team behind Portal includes people who are also involved with SuperDuper, a crypto startup. SuperDuper is known for their Creepz NFT project on Ethereum, which is a type of digital collectible.

One of the well-known advisors for Portal is Jamie King, who is a co-founder of Rockstar Games. Advisors like Jamie King bring their expertise and experience to help guide Portal in its development and growth.

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