Fusionist (ACE) Coin Analytics, Price, Marketcap and Future Predictions.

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Fusionist, in particular, uses the Unity engine and HDRP technology to make a special and exciting Web3 gaming environment. So, in simpler terms, it's like a cool blend of high-tech blockchain stuff with awesome gaming, all powered by Unity and HDRP for a unique and captivating experience!

ACE is the main token for the Endurance Blockchain. Think of it like the special money used in this digital world. People use ACE to buy things and get rewards while playing games on the Endurance Blockchain, like in Fusionist and other games. So, it's like using game coins for in-game stuff. Besides games, you can also use ACE to buy things and services within the Endurance system, kind of like using money in a digital marketplace.

If you own ACE tokens, you can do extra things like stake them. Staking is like putting your tokens in a special place to help keep the network secure and have a say in decision-making.

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Today, 26th February 2024, the price of Fusionist (ACE) is $11.69 USD. In the past 24 hours, there has been $103,373,057 USD worth of ACE traded. This means that the value of ACE has increased by 16.33% over the past day. Currently, ACE is ranked #240 among all cryptocurrencies, with a total market value of $253,810,496 USD. There are 21,969,520 ACE coins in circulation, out of a maximum supply of 147,000,000 ACE coins.

The highest price ever paid for Fusionist (ACE) was $16.73, and that happened on December 21, 2023. This means that at its peak, people were willing to pay that much for one unit of ACE.

On the other hand, the lowest price ever paid for Fusionist (ACE) was $7.14, and this happened on January 10, 2024. So, at its lowest point, people were only willing to pay $7.14 for one unit of ACE.

Right now, the current price of ACE is lower than the highest price ever paid, by about 30.74%. This means it has dropped in value compared to its peak.

However, if we compare the current price to the lowest price ever paid, ACE has gone up in value by about 62.32%. This means it's currently higher in value compared to its lowest point.

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Future Predictions:

There's an expectation or forecast for Fusionist's price to stay between $9.56 and $15.54. This range is like the expected high and low prices. If Fusionist's price goes up to the highest point in that range, which is $15.54, the ACE token could increase in value by 43.19%. So, if you have ACE tokens, they might be worth 43.19% more if Fusionist reaches that upper price target.

In simpler terms, people are predicting that Fusionist's price will stay between $9.56 and $15.54. If it goes to the higher end of that range, ACE tokens could become 43.19% more valuable, reaching a price of $15.54.

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