Terra Luna Classic: 76 Billion LUNC Tokens Burned

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Before delving into the details of this remarkable milestone, let's take a closer look at the essential metrics of the LUNC token. The circulating supply of LUNC tokens currently stands at 5.80 trillion, while the total supply amounts to 6.83 trillion LUNC tokens. However, despite this significant progress, the community recognizes the need to further enhance utility in order to accelerate the rate of LUNC token burns.

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Terra Luna Classic's Journey to 76 Billion LUNC

The Terra Luna Classic community's journey to achieving this milestone has been nothing short of extraordinary. It's been a collaborative effort, with various stakeholders actively participating in the burning process. This includes crypto exchanges, validators, projects, and community members, all sending LUNC tokens to the burn address. On average, the community has been burning approximately 400 million LUNC tokens every week, showcasing their unwavering commitment to reducing the token's supply.

Binance, a key player in this initiative, has consistently contributed to the cause by sending billions of LUNC tokens to the burn address as part of its monthly LUNC token burn mechanism. In fact, Binance recently burned over 1 billion LUNC tokens in the 14th batch of the LUNC burn mechanism on October 1. Their cumulative contribution to the burn process now stands at an impressive 38.81 billion LUNC tokens.

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Future Initiatives: Reducing LUNC and USTC Circulating Supply

Looking ahead, the Terra Classic L1 Task Force (L1TF) developer group and the Quant USTC repeg team have set their sights on reducing the circulating supply of both LUNC and USTC tokens in Q4. Their primary objective is to stabilize USTC at a value of $1, and they are actively collaborating with exchanges to ensure the success of this endeavor.

Additionally, the Terra Luna Classic community has introduced a community-owned Galaxy Station wallet and a Galaxy Finder blockchain explorer. These tools will undoubtedly enhance the ecosystem and further promote the adoption and use of LUNC tokens.

LUNC and USTC Under Market Pressure

In recent market developments, it's worth noting that LUNC token prices experienced a 3% decline in the past 24 hours, currently trading at $0.000056. The 24-hour price range fluctuated between $0.0000556 and $0.0000583. Terra Luna Classic faced challenges in maintaining support above the $0.000060 level last week, and market uncertainty has played a role in its recent decline.

Simultaneously, the USTC token has also faced market pressures, with its price currently at $0.011, marking a 4% decrease in the past 24 hours and a 12% drop over the course of a week. Trading volume has similarly decreased over the past 24 hours, reflecting ongoing market dynamics.

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  1. How does the burning of LUNC tokens benefit the Terra Luna Classic community?

    Burning LUNC tokens reduces the circulating supply, which can potentially drive up token value and incentivize token holders.

  2. What is the significance of Binance's contribution to the LUNC token burn?

    Binance's substantial contribution highlights the exchange's support for the Terra Luna Classic community's goals and the importance of reducing token supply.

  3. What are the implications of USTC's price decline?

    USTC's price decline may be influenced by market dynamics and requires ongoing attention to stabilize its value at $1.

  4. How can the introduction of a community-owned wallet and blockchain explorer benefit the Terra Luna Classic ecosystem?

    These tools can enhance accessibility and transparency within the ecosystem, promoting the use of LUNC tokens.

  5. What are the next steps for Terra Luna Classic in achieving its goals?

    Terra Classic L1 Task Force (L1TF) and the Quant USTC repeg team aim to reduce the circulating supply of both LUNC and USTC tokens while stabilizing USTC's value at $1. Collaboration with exchanges will be key to their success.