The Terra Classic Community's Path to $1: Two Crucial Proposals for USTC

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In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrencies, the Terra Classic community stands out with its relentless pursuit of value. Fueled by determination, two significant proposals have recently taken center stage, steering the trajectory of LUNC and TerraClassicUSD (USTC) towards the elusive $1 mark. This article delves into the details of these game-changing proposals and the resolute efforts of the Terra Classic community.

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The Genesis of Change: USTC Proposals

At the heart of this narrative lies "Proposal 11658," a brainchild of the esteemed LUNC community member, Vegas. Unveiled on July 30, this proposal casts a spotlight on the on-chain funds tethered to the Terra Classic community pool. A substantial sum of 800 million USTC, initially earmarked for the Ozone Protocol's underwriting capacity, had strayed from its intended path due to unforeseen deviations from the development plan.

With a resolute vision, Proposal 11658 seeks to channel these funds back to their origin—the Terra Classic community pool. The result? A resounding 70% vote of confidence from the community, echoing a united determination to reignite the course of USTC.

The Momentum Continues: Proposal 11660

Hot on the heels of the first proposal, "Proposal 11660" made its debut on July 31. This proposal is a closely intertwined companion to its predecessor, advocating for a transformative approach. It envisages the complete incineration of the returned funds upon their reunion with the community pool.

The community's response to this proposal was nothing short of remarkable, with an impressive 82.55% expressing their approval. The Terra Classic community's collective resolve is evident in the overwhelming endorsement of both proposals—a testament to the community's proactive and unified spirit.

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The Burning Desire to Reshape USTC

While it's important to note that torching the colossal 800 million USTC cache wouldn't automatically recalibrate the stablecoin to its peg, it is a significant stride towards alleviating its supply. Recall the tumultuous events of May 2022, when USTC's tether to the dollar snapped due to an over-minting crisis, ultimately leading to inflation. The path to stability involves multifaceted endeavors, and the community's ardor shines through in these proposals.

From Reserves to Redemption: The USTC Saga

Notably, the cache of 800 million USTC earmarked for the bonfire is an integral part of the 1 billion USTC reserve carved out last March. The Terra ecosystem's strategic move involved dispatching 1 billion USTC to a multi-sig address overseen by the Ozone Protocol, now recognized as Risk Harbor.

The intention behind this allocation was to address the burgeoning needs of the growing Terra ecosystem, earmarking a substantial portion for developing TeFi and nurturing other ecosystem projects. However, the journey didn't unfurl as planned, and only 800 million USTC remained in the address. The bid to breathe new life into these funds and set them ablaze epitomizes the community's commitment to reshaping USTC's fate.

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The Unfolding Journey: USTC Quant Team's Endeavor

Amidst the orchestration of these transformative proposals, the USTC Quant Team is crafting an impactful narrative of its own. Recent strides include the introduction of the Quant Simulation tool by Redline Drifter, the driving force behind the Divergent Protocol model. This innovative tool serves as an open invitation, beckoning the community to engage actively in the re-peg initiative.

As the Terra Classic community unites in its pursuit of re-pegging USTC, the passion, dedication, and strategic steps taken underscore a narrative of collective empowerment.

The Terra Classic community's journey towards resurrecting USTC's value is etched with dedication, unity, and forward-thinking strategies. The triumph of Proposal 11658, followed swiftly by Proposal 11660, highlights the indomitable spirit of the community. While the burning of 800 million USTC symbolizes a pivotal step towards reducing supply, it's also emblematic of the community's fervent determination.

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1. How does burning USTC impact its stability?

Burning USTC contributes to supply reduction, a significant step towards stabilizing the coin's value.

2. What's the significance of the 70% and 82.55% votes of confidence?

These percentages represent strong community consensus, indicating robust support for the proposals.

3. Can burning USTC alone re-peg the stablecoin?

No, it's one part of a multifaceted approach to recalibrate the coin's value.

4. How did USTC's de-pegging occur in 2022?

USTC de-pegged due to an over-minting crisis, resulting in inflation and detachment from the dollar.

5. How can I participate in the re-peg initiative?

Explore the Quant Simulation tool introduced by Redline Drifter to actively engage in the process.