Shibarium: Overview | Launch date, Tokenomics & Burn

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Shiba Inu ($SHIB) built on the Ethereum blockchain token recently exploded and went up to +20%, becoming the new hot favorite of many investors. With its strong supporters worldwide, the Shiba Community just starts to grow and this is what makes the Shiba Inu token special.

Shiba Inu or $Shib is currently built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Sooner the coin will be migatih to uts own L2 network named Shibarium to address the network congestion and gas fees. After that  according to the Shiba Inu Roadmap, they are going to enter into their own metaverse.

Shiba Inu is having a major comeback with the announcement of upcoming launch of its own L2 blockchain Shibarium. It is a technology developed by Unification (XFUND), to facilitate secure and fast transactions. It is unique compared to other emerging blockchains, while still being reliable and high-quality from the very beginning.

Layer-2 blockchain Shibarium will allow Shib holders to use their coin in a whole ecosystem of Dapps. The native token for Shibarium is $bone token from Shibaswap. It is using bone as an asset to pay for gas fees for every transaction. Shibarium launch will definitely cause an initial price spike.

Why people should consider joining this movement.

Shibarium, stating that it is a Layer-2 (L2) blockchain technology that enables users to build digital products and conduct peer-to-peer transactions, among other basic functions. It is much more than just a blockchain, and is actually the first step in a global movement to end abusive control by embracing decentralization. Shibarium's development is based on a founding vision that aims to empower people through decentralization, and it is part of a larger ecosystem of tools and technologies that will support this vision.

Shibarium's approach has several different aspects or features. In addition to providing the tools to utilize digital assets in the form of tokens and NFTs, and gain access to digital places like the Metaverse. Users can launch community-originated, Shiba-branded, physical products in real life, that are not only associated with the Shib community but also have more utility than before. By creating these closed-community product loops, it promotes product loyalty by offering high-quality, community-based products that are associated with the Shib ecosystem. While Validators and Delegators keep the network secure and function properly. This feature is just one example of how Shibarium aims to empower its users and build a strong community around its blockchain technology.

Shibarium Common Values

The creator of Shibarium is seeking support from individuals and entities to help bring their vision for the platform to life. He is intended to outline their ideas for achieving greater unity during the beta testing phase of Shibarium.

In order for Shibarium to succeed, the creator believes that certain values and understandings must be identified and shared by all those who join or work with the platform. This could include values such as transparency, fairness, security, innovation, and community involvement, as well as understandings such as the importance of decentralization and the role of validators and delegators in maintaining the network.

By establishing a shared set of values and understandings, Shibarium can ensure that everyone who works with or uses the platform is on the same page and working towards the same goals. This can help to foster a sense of community and collaboration, as well as ensure that the platform is developed and operated in a way that is consistent with the values and ideals of its creators and users.

These values are intended to help promote a strong sense of community and encourage responsible use of the platform:

. BURN :

The first value is BURN, which refers to the practice of burning Shib on every Shibarium project. Burning Shib involves sending tokens to an address that is designed to render them unusable or destroy them completely, reducing the overall supply of Shib in circulation. By burning Shib on every Shibarium project, the Core is signaling their commitment to building a global ecosystem and promoting the responsible use of the platform.


The second value is PROTECT, which involves respecting all legitimate Shibarium projects and doing one's own research (D.O.O.R.) to protect oneself from scams or fraud. The Core encourages the community to provide feedback and share information in a truthful manner, without spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt).

. HELP :

The third value is HELP, which involves prioritizing donations to a global network of non-profit organizations whenever possible. This is seen as a way to give back to the larger community and promote the social good.

. GROW :

The fourth value is GROW, which involves not only burning and donating but also placing a portion of profits into the Shib Doggy DAO Foundation. This foundation is intended to make decisions about how the assets in the DAO wallet can best be applied, which can help to promote the long-term growth and sustainability of the Shibarium platform.

Overall, these values reflect the Core's commitment to building a strong and responsible community around the Shibarium platform, as well as their belief that responsible use of the platform can promote the social good and benefit the wider community.