Top Korean Skincare Products To Buy in India | Affordable Korean Skincare

Korean Skincare is all about hydration to treat skin. Dehydrated skin can worsen many skin concerns like acne. Everyone can achieve beautiful glowing skin by doing it in a right way with proper research.

I am following this Korean products from last 1 year, after starting my own research and came across various products, YT videos, blogs and trust me this products totally changed my skin care game. It helped me fight my acne, uneven skin issues . 

1. Cosrx Moisture Up Pad

It is best to use in the morning before makeup for glass skin appearance. It is a boon for all type of skin and gives a soft happy dewy skin that I always wanted. This Korean beauty brand gives you the perfect shot of moisture that your skin needs and lingers throughout the day.



All Vitamin C Serum helps in brightening and glowing but some vitamin C's on the market can be too strong for everyday use and can feel like its burning, but not Pilgrim vitamin serum though. It is one of the best Korean beauty brand vitamin C serum and my skin is consistently brighter. It is lightweight but super hydrating and holds the moisture for a longtime. I enjoy the glowing look that this product gives me. It absorbs quickly and easily.


3. Mizon Eye Cream

Finding a good eye cream at a decent price has seemed impossible until this one. This eye cream worked well for me, and a little goes a long way so we don't have to use as much to get the full benefit. Its such a rich texture, but absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky film.


4. Cosrx Comfort Ceramide Cream 

This Korean beauty brand is a magic. I use this all year round, makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated. There is no scent which is great. I love how my skin look really moist and smooth soft dewy. SoufflĂ© on your skin.