The Shiba Inu ($Shib) coin & the Shib ecosystem.

The Shiba Inu ($Shib) coin & The $Shib ecosystem.

The Shiba Inu ($SHIB) coin was invented in 2020 by an anonymous inventor by the name Ryoshi with the vision to establish 100% decentralized financial ecosystems globally. The coin became the 8th (currently #14th) largest cryptocurrency by market cap in 2021. The coin started off as a meme token and now is accepted as a payment currency by many major companies worldwide.

Over the last months, crypto investors have seen SHIB’s price going halfway to the moon and back as the coin formed the triangle pattern. With the prevailing bullish market in the crypto economics, SHIB crypto has shown much better strength as compared to his fellow competitors. Analysis of the descending pattern of the SHIB curve depicts a high positive expectancy of making a bullish breakout in the upcoming months for the SHIB community and there are certain factors that can add boost to it, like the most hyped L2 Shibarium upgrade built over the Ethereum Network and  the upcoming SHIB metaverse which is teased most often recently by the official #SHIB twitter handle.

SHIB’s price has been looking like a textbook model of technical analysis theory with extended consolidation. Dogecoin price may have alarmed the downward trends for the Shiba Inu holders, but SHIB proved it wrong. 

SHIB is continuing to draw the attention of both beginner and veteran crypto enthusiasts. The recent spike in the price has made Shiba Inu the one of the new interests among the crypto whales. But still, many investors have questioned that if this move can sustain with time.


The crypto market trend looks promising and $SHIB trend shows signs of massive price surge with it's list of events laid down in the roadmap scheduled for later this year.

The $Shib community is eagerly waiting for events which is expected to come just around the months as $Shib volunteer Shytoshi Kusama's recent tweets assure good news for the #shib community and that he was working on finalizing the same.


Shibarium Launch and the Shib-Game launch looks to be just around the corner with SHIB Developer Shytoshi Kusama is seen frequently teasing the community with updates of  its work progress. Crypto analysts believe if the aforementioned launch is coming around the end of this year, then this could mean a massive bull run in-evitable for the Shib community irrespective of the consolidating crypto market trend which may resulting in +500% ROI from today boosting the market cap to around ~$80bn. The transactional burn mechanism and deflationary tokenomics of the SHIB coin has a potential to push and maintain a higher price level for the coin in the long term. 

Analysts believes, though slow due of the market volatility, the progress of the SHIB ecosystem is a sure-shot for the long term investors.

There are many upcoming events, utility and projects in the ever-growing $Shib community. Unlike $Doge (a meme coin), $Shib ecosystem is a now an established decentralised ecosystem with payments utility, transactional burn and deflationary tokenomics which has the potential to keep the demand and marketcap up to $5T by 2023. The concept of decentralization is new, however the topic has recently gained quite a surge in interest among the general mass.

Experts predict $Shib coin among the top 3 coins in 2023 with a marketcap of $6T+ out of the total crypto marketcap of approx $18T in 2023 and a price between $0.01 to $0.02. 

Disclaimer: Any information furnished here is not a financial or investment advice. Investments are subject to market risks and investor must DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before making any investment.