Shiba Inu ($SHIB) Going to the Moon Again in 2022? | Shibarium Launch

Over the last months, Crypto investors have seen SHIB’s price going halfway to the moon and back as the coin formed the triangle pattern. With the prevailing bullish market in the crypto economics, SHIB crypto has shown much better strength as compared to his fellow competitors. Analysis of the descending pattern of the SHIB curve depicts a high positive expectancy of making a bullish breakout in the upcoming months for the SHIB community and there are certain factors that can add boost to it , like the most hyped L2 Shibarium upgrade built over the Ethereum Network.

SHIB’s price has been looking like a textbook model of technical analysis theory with extended consolidation. Dogecoin price may have alarmed the downward trends for the Shiba Inu holders, but SHIB proved it wrong. 

SHIB is continuing to draw the attention of both beginner and veteran crypto enthusiasts. The recent spike in the price has made Shiba Inu the one of the new interests among the crypto whales. But still, many investors have questioned that if this move can sustain with time.

Every SHIB Holder has the same question, Can Shiba Inu price move higher again?

Shiba Inu coin surged more than +855% in 2021 before it halted and broke down by 650% from it's ATH. Well that happens in the crypto-verse. Every investor must be aware of Devanandan's "Crypto Price Cycle".

Low Price -- Investment -- Increase Market Cap -- High Price

High Price -- Withdrawal -- Lower Market Cap -- Low Price

Crypto Prices rise due to 2 factors:

1. Rise in Market Cap

2. Reduction of Circulating Supply (Burn Mechanism)

So, Yes on the long term or in the near future, SHIB prices has a higher potential to rise again and attain new ATH (All Time High). According to analytics, the Price around $0.000001 or less is perfect for buying lumpsum SHIB tokens to stay profitable for the rest of the year.

Disclaimer: This post and any content within it is not an investment advise, and every Investor must DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before making any investments/ withdrawal.